4836 Fire Tower Rd

Panama City, FL 32404


Members have access 24/7 but most people fly during the daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday.


New to RC flying? Not a problem! Our club has several members that are RC flight instructors that can help you get in the air and have a successful flight at no cost. You can either learn on your own aircraft or if you do not have an aircraft yet you can borrow the clubs trainer aircraft for your first few flights again at no cost!

Flights are usually done with what is called a buddy box system where 2 radios are tethered together so that the instructor can gain control at any time. with this method there is little chance of the student crashing the aircraft.

Most of the time someone will be at the field to help you with your aircraft. Just ask for assistance! If you would like to schedule a time to learn to fly please email us at:

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