4836 Fire Tower Rd

Panama City, FL 32404


Members have access 24/7 but most people fly during the daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday.


Site Operation and Safety Rules

  • Only Pilots, Assistants, Trainees are allowed on the flight line.

  • All Pilots must have an active AMA membership for insurance.

  • Mufflers are required on all models.

  • Test of engines is to be performed only in the run up table area.

  • Pilots shall use appropriate announcement when taking off, landing, or in emergency situations.

  • Alcohol consumption is NOT allowed at the flying site. 

  • Deliberate flying behind the flight line is prohibited. Avoid flying over the County Maintenance Shed, boaters pond, Houses and Golf Course.

  • Each transmitter other than 2.4 GHz must display frequency identification.

  • Taxiing is not allowed in the pit area.

  • It is strongly recommended that members do not fly alone.

  • Children are NOT permitted beyond the spectator area unless under direct supervision of an adult.

  • The established club frequency control plan will be in force at all times.

  • All flying must be done from the pilots box and on the runway side of the pilot line

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